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Picture a pretty woman – flawless face, rosy cheeks and beautiful lips. At least that is what we have all been singing in our rhymes. When doing a full face of glam, a blush adds so much colour and a natural flush that is strikingly beautiful to the eyes. Paired with a flawless base and soft contours, a blush adds that perfect harmony that your face requires.

They are my go-to when it comes to a natural woke-up-like-this look. Super easy to use, lightweight and easy to touch up – these babies seem like a perfect makeup tool, be it novice or a pro.

This guide to the best blushes for women in India will help you understand blushes better and choose one that is perfect for your specific requirement. This piece here will help you through this process one step at a time!

10 Best Blushes In India | Product Reviews

1. Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush

  • Formula : 9.9/10
  • Coverage : 9.8/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.7/10
  • Value For Money : 9.8/10
  • User Rating : 9.9/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9.8/10

Product Intro:

The best selling blush in the world is now available in India, the NARS Orgasm blush is a miracle in a bottle. With this blush,I find that the less you’re wearing under it, the better, because when the shimmer isn’t sitting on top of foundation or concealer or powder, it doesn’t highlight pores as much it does otherwise, so what you mostly see is the peachy pink color, which just looks so fresh and youthful. Superfine micronized powder pigments ensure an irresistibly soft, blendable application.

Product Features:

  • Natural, healthy-looking color that immediately enlivens the complexion.
  • A light application of even the highest-intensity hues delivers a natural-looking flush
  • Silky texture in matte and shimmering shades Micronized powder ensures soft, blendable
  • Torrid. Satiny, no shimmer and a beautiful glowing coral on cheeks this is a gorgeous Summer-y shade that adds warmth and glow to your face
  • Intense Color
  • Good Staying Power
  • Good Packaging
  • Expensive

2. Bobbi Brown Blush

  • Formula : 9.4/10
  • Coverage : 9.7/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.6/10
  • Value For Money : 9.5/10
  • User Rating : 9.6/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9.5/10

Product Intro:

My love affair with all things Bobbi Brown continues. Today, I bring to you the powder blush from Bobbi’s line. Not only is there a beautiful range of colours to choose from, there is a variety for people like me who prefer matte blushes. Applying a blush from the subtle range to your cheeks and then adding a pop of colour just to the apples with the dramatic colour. That makes one go from subtle to dramatic with pretty much the same products. It is very light so I don’t feel like I’m clogging up my pores when I put it on. Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink blush has been a staple in my makeup bag for years

Product Features:

  • Silky formula glides on smoothly and offers a matte finish with long-lasting wear.
  • Lightweight feel & natural finish.
  • Unique Pop-up mirror, the perfect solution for easy application anywhere, anytime.
  • Non sticky
  • Easy to work with
  • Sheer color that is buildable
  • Expensive
  • Moisturizing Is Necessary

3. Benefit Cosmetics Galifornia Blush

  • Formula : 9.1/10
  • Coverage : 9.3/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.2/10
  • Value For Money : 9.3/10
  • User Rating : 9.1/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9.2/10

Product Intro:

One thing is for sure, Benefit Cosmetics GALIFORNIA is one of the prettiest blushes you have ever seen. This is a really attractive sunny orange to peach blush which is perfect if you want to create a tanned summer look. A perfect color for medium to dark skin as well as fair skin tones, this blush is gonna keep you hooked to the pretty peach tone it offers on your skin. Never have you seen a blush so pretty. When Benefit came up with this Instagram-worthy blush, bloggers loved it. The signature Galifornia Dreamin’ scent features notes of pink grapefruit & vanilla. Comes complete with a custom rounded blush brush for soft, diffused application. Comes in full size & mini.

Product Features:

  • Bright pink with shimmering gold
  • Notes of pink grapefruit & vanilla
  • Custom rounded brush
  • Dermatologically tested,ophthalmologically tested, fragrance free and water resistant
  • It is designed by and for professionals to add a dose of color and freshness
  • The color stays put all day, making your face look fresh, dewy, and healthy
  • The powder blush is lightweight and has a breathable consistency, and just a touch of it adds the right amount of natural glow to the cheeks, making them appear healthy and flushed.
  • Highly pigmented ,blendable and long lasting
  • Comes with mirror and brush
  • Expensive
  • Takes a few sweeps for coverage

4. Maybelline Fit Me Blush

  • Formula : 9/10
  • Coverage : 8.9/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.9/10
  • Value For Money : 9.1/10
  • User Rating : 9.1/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9/10

Product Intro:

These blushes are right now the most affordable blushes in the market which also have good quality. Even though they come in a compressed powder form, the formula has an almost creamy feel. It’s quite soft and smooth and not overly powdery. The pigmentation too will really surprise you, it’s quite good for a budget product. You won’t need more than two light swipes for a natural look. Blending is easy and you get almost an instantaneous flush on your cheeks. Its contour range of blushes can help you create clearly defined jawlines and high cheekbones which can easily add dimension to your face.

Product Features:

  • Various shade variants further add up to its versatility as the lightweight powder stays throughout the day.
  • Oil-Free, Non-Comedogenic, Dermatologically Tested, Allergy Free .
  • Comes in a small sleek box perfect for on the-go application
  • Reasonable price
  • Long lasting
  • Great for beginners
  • Compact and sturdy packaging
  • Very pigmented and difficult to blend

5. BECCA x Khloé Kardashian Blush

  • Formula : 9.1/10
  • Coverage : 8.9/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.2/10
  • Value For Money : 9.1/10
  • User Rating : 9/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.9/10

Product Intro:

Easy to use, all-in-one face palette- just like a photo filter, in real life, this palette is well priced and true to Becca’s classic signature glow style. This blush and highlighter combo palette gets your inner goddess all excited and hopping about. The shimmery blush shades have deep pigment. I find the blushes to be equally glowy as the highlighter bricks but the deeper colors make it easier for me to pull off. Pigment is ultra rich and smooth and easy to blend/layer.

Product Features:

  • A high definition, lightweight blush that blends evenly. This vibrant and silky blush delivers bold color with every swipe.
  • Soft Focus Highlighter in Dusted is a peachy pink champagne
  • Satin Matte Bronzer in Bestie Bronze is a medium deep warm bronze satin matte
  • Silky finish
  • Buildable coverage
  • Highly pigmented
  • Paraben-free
  • Little flimsy packaging.
  • Not very widely available in India.
  • Expensive in India as compared to the prices abroad

6. Benefit Cosmetic Benetint Cheek Stain

  • Formula : 8.5/10
  • Coverage : 8.7/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.4/10
  • Value For Money : 8.5/10
  • User Rating : 8.7/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.6/10

Product Intro:

Benefit Benetint is the best flush you can get from a bottle. I had tried Benefit’s Tint at Sephora and after two hours of walking around with the bottle in my hand, I decided against paying what they were asking for it. I bought the lip and cheek stain and it is a fun product, if the original product is as much of a ride as this one is, I feel like I haven’t missed out purchasing the real thing. I mostly bought it out of spite, but ended up being very happy with it.

Product Features:

  • No breakouts/ allergies/ acne even on super-sensitive skin
  • Regular use of this formula reveals skin that’s visibly radiant and smooth
  • Give radiance without drying your skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Rich color pay-off
  • Long stay
  • Appropriate for work wear
  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • It’s a little to difficult remove

7. Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Color Balm

  • Formula : 8.6/10
  • Coverage : 8.6/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.7/10
  • Value For Money : 8.4/10
  • User Rating : 8.6/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.5/10

Product Intro:

Give your skin a healthy glow with its easily blendable blush brand having a silky texture. Its highly pigmented formula guarantees long lasting colour which can keep you glowing throughout the day. I have been on the lookout for blush sticks and cream blushes for a while now and so was convinced to try these on. I must admit here that the name also quite attracted me. It really looks and feels huge. It’s super pigmented and one needs to know the right way to blend it to not look like a clown. I am practicing the art these days with a brush. With fingers it blends quite easily. It stays on my skin which is normal to oily these days for about 3-4 hours.

Product Features:

  • With silky texture it smoothly glides on skin.
  • Highly pigmented powder formula gives your skin long lasting color.
  • You can build the color up easily and it would show up beautifully even on dusky beauties.
  • Combination of mineral and natural waxes for soft feel
  • Extra comfortable application
  • Elegant silky texture
  • Easy to use and travel friendly packaging
  • Can seem a little up-front on dry skin.
  • Can be too heavy for Summer

8. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Blush

  • Formula : 8.4/10
  • Coverage : 8.5/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.4/10
  • Value For Money : 8.2/10
  • User Rating : 8.3/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.3/10

Product Intro:

I love to use it as a highlighter sometimes because of it’s fine milled & non-chunky shimmer particles. The texture of the Blush is soft and smooth and the shimmer particles are not chunky at all. The powder is well pressed into the pan and it’s not chalky. When you swipe it once, you will have just a wash of shimmer and very mild pigmentation. It’s not highly pigmented so you have to swipe multiple times to build up the pigmentation. The velvety texture paves the path for ultra-blendable application so that your blush makeup lasts for long and the color pays off really well.

Product Features:

  • The product weighs 14 grams and comes in
  • Its shimmer blushes can beautifully enhance your cheekbones for imparting that chiselled Cleopatra like look
  • The enchanting aroma of its scented variants can guarantee a beautiful sensorial experience while getting your makeup on point.
  • Good packaging. It’s classy, sturdy and intelligently packed.
  • Texture is beautiful.It’s smooth and soft.Shimmer particles are not chunky.
  • Buildable pigmentation
  • Gives a nice flush and glow to the skin which stays on for long hours
  • The brush is less soft
  • It is less pigmented and needs multiple swipes to show up.

9. Milani Baked Blush

  • Formula : 8.2/10
  • Coverage : 8.1/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8/10
  • Value For Money : 8/10
  • User Rating : 8.2/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.1/10

Product Intro:

Yes, these blushes really are baked — each one has been sunbaked on Italian terracotta tiles to give your skin a warm finish and a radiance that looks striking and natural. These statement-making peach and rose blush shades will give you a captivating flush of bold color. This highly buildable and richly pigmented blush can serve as your perfect ally for imparting a cheeky pop of color in such a manner that it flatters your specific skin tone.

Product Features:

  • Ultra pigmented blush that adds a pop of colour to the cheeks
  • Silky smooth texture blends seamlessly enhances the skin tone
  • Sunbaked on Italian terracotta tiles to give a warm finish and radiant glow.
  • Great for everyday wear.
  • Lasts for 4-5 hours.
  • Doesn’t break out skin
  • Comes with a brush and mirror.
  • Expensive
  • Shimmer might put some people off

10. Sugar Cosmetics Contour De Force Mini Blush

  • Formula : 7.9/10
  • Coverage : 8.1/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.1/10
  • Value For Money : 7.9/10
  • User Rating : 8.1/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8/10

Product Intro:

It has a soft texture that blends smoothly on the skin. The formula is very soft and lightweight, blends evenly on the skin, doesn’t feel powdery or patchy at all. It doesn’t have any shimmer and is actually a fully matte blush, which imparts a fresh, non-oily, non-patchy, smooth, velvety matte finish on the skin. It does not cling on to dry patches, also does not clog pores. This product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.

Product Features:

  • A buttery soft, blendable and buildable formula that adds a gorgeous flush of colour to your cheeks.
  • The long-wearing colour is effortlessly buildable, which makes it easy to create the entire spectrum of looks from sheer to dramatic
  • Its lightweight, velvet formulation glides on smoothly to give natural looking colour that lasts the entire day.
  • It is cost effective
  • Does not look patchy on the cheeks.
  • Blends very nicely with the makeup
  • Not apt for those who want a glitter look


These are the 10 best Blush in India. They are a perfect addition to your daily makeup routine and be assured that these will take your make up game from a novice to a pro instantly. When it comes to face definition and shape, a blush can add a lot of impact in defining the cheeks and if done right, will add to your contour and make your cheekbones pop. What more? Get that beautiful apple cheeks with a subtle flushed look in a swipe of a brush. It is that easy!

Why wait now? Go on and grab one for yourselves and you will thank us later!

A Guide To Using A Blush

Like I have already said, if done right, a blush can add so much definition and drama to your face. But if overdone or picking out a wrong shade can do you so much wrong. Now we don’t want that do we? Lets find out the things to keep in mind while working with a blush:

1. Choosing The Right Product

When it comes to choosing the right “product” this includes a wide spectrum of specifics such as what kind of looks do you usually go for, what kind of finish you expect, the brand that best suits your requirement, your travel needs, the format of application etc. Now since we discuss most of these in the product review, you could choose the right product from our list above.

2. Choosing The Right Texture

Another key point is to make sure you co-relate skin type and blush texture. Cream and liquid blushes suit those with dry and combination skin types. Powder blushes and sometimes, cream blushes suit those with oily skin type. For those with sensitive and rash prone skin, it is best to use blushes with natural ingredients or herbal ingredients. Powders can sometimes look too streaky and cream and liquid blushes can come off as patchy on the wrong skin type. So choosing the right texture is important.

3. Skin Type And Skin Shade

LIke we discussed, picking a blush that goes with your skin type is important. Another important attribute is choosing the right shade. If you choose a blush that is too light for your skin type, it might not come through. If you choose a blush that is too dark, it might be glaring to the eye. You need to choose the shade that fits perfectly in your skin shade range. Within this range, you cam alternate between a few shades and experiment with the look.

4. Practising Your Moves

Always practise using a blush. Find the right sweeping area on your face, now this is tricky as it changes from face to face. If you have sharp cheekbones and prominent contours, it’s quite easy to apply right around the cheekbones. If you have a round face and subtle cheekbones, sweep you blush slightly around above the cheekbone in an upward motion to create an illusion of an elongated, leaner face. If done right, the blush can make your face look slimmer or fuller, however you need it.

5. Brushes And Blushes

No matter what product you buy, having the right brush is the only way to get your blush game on-point. A kabuki brush is an all-rounder no-nonsense brush that can be used almost for everything – foundation, powder, contour and blush. Now since kabuki brushes are quite expensive, you can opt for a fluffy powder brush or even a precise blush brush that can lend you a perfect sweep of color to the cheek.


1. Is blush safe on skin?

Blushes are mineralized compact powders with ingredients that give you a subtle hint of colour. These days the blushes also use extracts derived from plants and vegetables to lend that natural color to cheeks. They are absolutely safe on skin and have no side effects as long as you stay away from cheap, fake products.

2. How do we choose the blush shade?

To choose the blush shade, apply it in your inner forearm, if it feels slightly brighter than your skin tone, you can definitely opt for it. Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone. Do not go in for a shade that is much deeper or much lighter than your skin shade

3. What formats of blushes are available currently in the market?

The easiest and most common are powder blushes that come in a compact format. There are also blushes with liquid texture that come in nail polish look-alike bottles. Cream sticks are also another option that can be blended out with a brush.

4. What happens if I am caught without a blush and need a touch up?

Eyeshadows and lipsticks are close alternatives. It might be hard to find an eyeshadow palette but if you do have one, grab the shade that is the closest match onto a fluffy powder blush and sweep. Another and most easiest option would be to dab your lipstick on the cheeks and gently smudge with fingers into a subtle tint

5. What are the things to avoid while buying a blush?

In the composition, avoid SLS, SLES, artificial fragrance, artificial dyes, phthalates, sulphates and parabens (in cream and liquid composition) All these clog pores and dilate into the body overtime and cause severe implications for health eventually.

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