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Since winter is winding up 2020 in a spectacular way but some of us are still locked at home and reminiscing the past getaways, and boys especially would miss travelling with their mates. But we cannot forget to take care of our skin in spite of staying indoor and that’s a vital habit which should not be missed. Being a girl, I hardly look into the skin care of boys which should be rectified as you glow and let your dad, brother and  friends glow with you as well

Here are the list of men’s body lotions which are exclusively analysed, researched, curated and presented to you! What’s stopping you from scrolling down?

Best Body Lotions for Men | Product Reviews

1. ST. D’VENCE Original Body Lotion

  • Moisturising Quotient:9.9/10
  • Consistency:9.8/10
  • Fragrance: 9.9/10
  • Chemical free quotient:10/10
  • Brand trust:9.8/10
  • Value for Money:9.8/10
  • User reviews:9.9/10
  • Critik Score:9.9/10

About the Product:

This premium skincare has been record breaking results as it contains high-quality beauty essentials and products in the formula. It has passed the international tests but it’s homegrown is from India. The ingredients are sourced globally as they never wanna compromise and it is devoid of harsh supplements.

Product Features:

  • A white and a purple undertone is selected to represent this lotion and they generously provide 300ml for a reasonable price
  • The content is filled with jojoba oil almond oil, vitamin E, aloe vera. Now to make it unconventional, they create London’s classic fragrance.
  • It not only gives basic body care, but can remove scars, prevents itchiness and has a great spread to the skin
  • Quick absorption with luxury formulations
  • Ultra lightweight lotion with superior fragrance
  • Free of PEG, PG mineral oils, sulphates and Parabens
  • Ingredients are completely vegetarians and hypoallergenic
  • Almond oil acts as perfect shields against UV rays while Aloe Vera provides anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.
  • Regular use which amazing quantity
  • No disadvantages

2. Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion

  • Moisturising Quotient:9.7/10
  • Consistency:9.6/10
  • Fragrance:9.7/10
  • Chemical free quotient:9.5/10
  • Brand trust:9.6/10
  • Value for Money:9.6/10
  • User reviews:9.6/10
  • Critik Score:9.6/10

About the Product:

It’s evident in the title that it brings moisture and hydration to your skin and body, and to sum it up, it renders chillness. Now this is mostly used in the summer season as it basically focuses on providing soothing feeling on overheated skin.

This is among the best sellers in body lotions and it is basically an imported product.

Product Features:

  • A bright royal blue bottle welcomes you with a matching black colored tube dispenser. It is slick and non – clumsy
  • This is extremely lightweight and non greasy which is rich with oils and the ingredients are exclusive. It has Macadamia oil, jojoba oil, Soy protein and  vitamin E and they give immense nutrition, hydration and moisturization subjectively
  • This is completely safe and suitable for all types, especially the most sensitive skin.
  • Since it is a regular based lotion, it can be used before events, after parties, after sports and activities, before a long day and on work days as well.
  • Dermatologically tested and vegan,
  • This organic and cruelty-free lotion quickly penetrates for refreshing skin.
  • Rich in antioxidants which prevents free radical damage. It gives equal lubrication and gives cooling sensation to the skin. It maintains the moisture balance too
  • Devoid of artificial colorants, parabens and harsh surfactants.
  • Rich formulation and consistency, which is luxurious and safe.
  • Less quantity for the price.

3. Bath & Body Works Noir Men’s Collection Body Lotion

  • Moisturising Quotient:9.6/10
  • Consistency:9.7/10
  • Fragrance:9.6/10
  • Chemical free quotient:9.5/10
  • Brand trust:9.5/10
  • Value for Money:9.5/10
  • User reviews:9.5/10
  • Critik’s rating:9.5/10

About the Product:

Time for some amazing perfumed body lotions, as it is a Muti Tasker in itself. Bath & Body works has been successful in providing an amazing range of skin care range and it lasts really long. There are other flavours along with noir. Ocean and bourbon are the unique choices apart from noir

Product Features:

  • A very cute little bottle with the classic black & white combo is found for noir – an expression imparting the meaning of the French word noir – all black
  • The scent is the highest plus here as it contains a unique blend of smoky vanilla, black cardamom with a hint of musk, an exciting yet spicy fragrance
  • It contains a lot of skin friendly essentials like Shea butter, vitamin E and coconut oil
  • Exciting fragrance with good notes
  • Travel friendly and can be regularly used
  • Vitamin e is rich in antioxidants and properly conditions your skin
  • Coconut oil nourishes the skin naturally
  • Weightless and provides moisturization for 24 hrs
  • A bit on a pricey side

4. NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration 3 in 1 Nourishing Lotion

  • Moisturising Quotient:9.3/10
  • Consistency:9.4/10
  • Fragrance:9.4/10
  • Chemical free quotient:9.4/10
  • Brand trust:9.3/10
  • Value for Money:9.4/10
  • User reviews:9.3/10
  • Critik Score:9.3/10

About the Product:

Nivea is a known product and stands in the priority list for skin care and body care. And Nivea maximum hydration 3 in 1 nourishing lotion for men, has a rich consistency with much needed recognition.

Product Features:

  • The Nivea body lotion is presented in a tight bottle with a unique designed tube dispenser. And it clearly is reserved only for men
  • They are basically from the USA, and they easily adapt into any skin without much trouble or irritation. It contains a lot of glycerine which makes skin smooth and soft.
  • It is made with hydra IQ technology which lasts for more than a day. As mentioned they produce a lot of minerals that are obtained from sea.
  • It is one of the preferred body lotions and it is so common among many and loved by all. Very classic and classy.
  •  Available all the time which immense quantity
  • Made with Hydra IQ technology with sea minerals.
  • Retains moisture, revitalizes the skin, non sticky and absorbs quickly
  • They can be used for dry skin as they are nearly sensitive
  • Portable and used by many
  • Not many organic substances are used in the formula

5. Beardo Body Lotion With Argan Oil For Intense Care

  • Moisturising Quotient:9.1/10
  • Consistency:9.2/10
  • Fragrance:9.1/10
  • Chemical free quotient:9/10
  • Brand trust:9.1/10
  • Value for Money:9.1/10
  • User reviews:9/10
  • Critik’s rating:9/10

About the Product:

Beardo brings you a rare body lotion which will engulf you in warmth and make you feel light and cozy. The natural extracts added to it makes it a source on a sour day. They’ve specifically manufactured this with the vision of giving the best treatment for men. Your body would feel supple, and the skin would be devoid of dryness and itchiness. And this will go through all day

Product Features:

  • A black bottle with a tube dispenser contains this body lotion, and the consistency is pretty better than expected. 300ml comes in each bottle
  • This deeply moisturizing lotion comes with an exotic formulation which consists of essential oils like sunflower oil, argan oil and jojoba oil where argan being the principal ingredient. It is topped with the goodness of Shea butter
  • And every lotion is expected to deliver mushy and amazing fragrance as body lotions aren’t limited to only make the skin work. You can get a great smell of almonds, cucumber and aloe vera.
  • This formula helps in repairing the dry skin, and gives a natural glow on your face and hands. Makes your skin smooth, and slowly heals the scars. And they’ll not be uncomfortable on your skin.
  • Contains anti – inflammatory properties
  • Reduces acne, pimples and your skin infections
  • Non-greasy, which promotes premature ageing and a healthy skin
  • Superb consistency with rich formulation
  • Has an amazing fragrance
  • Not very portable

6. Fragrance & Beyond Perfume Body Lotion for Men – Azure

  • Moisturising Quotient:9.1/10
  • Consistency:9.2/10
  • Fragrance:9.1/10
  • Chemical free quotient:9/10
  • Brand trust:9.1/10
  • Value for Money:9.1/10
  • User reviews:9/10
  • Critik’s rating:9/10

About the Product:

Not everyone prefers perfumes or fragrances, and that’s okay! And this body lotion stands a little apart from the rest as they are from the brand whose signatures are basically perfumes, fragrances and mists. There are explosive editions for men and women separately, and azure is men friendly! They maintain the least chemicals – in the formula as possible.

Product Features:

  • An all black glory is what you’d call fragrance & beauty as it’ll be difficult to differentiate a body lotion from a high end perfume. But the best part is that, it is really reasonable for a perfumed body lotion weighing 100ml
  • It carries essential oils like jojoba oil, sunflower oil and almond oil with cucumber and aloe Vera extracts and finished with goodness of Shea butter.
  • A blissful Patchouli smell will engulf you and your senses. It is completely organic with no traces of harmful chemicals in general
  • Pro tip : Use it with the azure perfume to have a more effective and spicy frangrance.
  • Completely free of sulphates and Parabens
  • Preferred for medium skin tone, but universal to all types of skin
  • Eliminates dryness and promotes smooth and supple skin
  • Leaves the skin non sticky, and avoids heavy and patchy results
  • They are handcrafted and safe
  • No disadvantage

7. Vaseline Men Body and Face Lotion

  • Moisturising Quotient:8.6/10
  • Consistency:8.8/10
  • Fragrance:8.9/10
  • Chemical free quotient:8.7/10
  • Brand trust:8.8/10
  • Value for Money:8.8/10
  • User reviews:8.8/10
  • Critik’s rating:8.8/10

About the Product:

Vaseline has always been a top priority to many, as it has worked wonders for all types of skins in all forms. It has been accessible in terms of quality, quantity and consistency, and has given pretty amazing results which have had only consistent or higher graphs in general. It’s universal and loved by all.

Product Features:

  • Vaseline Body and face lotion has a separate edition for men, which promises fast absorbing properties. It comes in a really big pumping bottle but it does not cause any leakage and the quality lasts for a year or more
  • It has the healing qualities as it reduces skin defects and increases pigmentation. It makes your skin cool and you feel refreshing all day
  • It’s available on all platforms and suitable for all types of skin. It keeps the skin healthy and superior
  • It focuses primarily on reducing the dryness and flakiness of the skin, and provides instant access into the skin
  • Extremely loved, and long lasting
  • Generous quantity with rave reviews
  • Spreads evenly on skin and is non sticky and non greasy
  • Excellent fragrance with even fluidity
  • Preferred by Dermatologists too
  • Scent can be strong for some people

8. Hustle Men whitening Body lotion

  • Moisturising Quotient:8.6/10
  • Consistency:8/10
  • Fragrance:8.4/10
  • Chemical free quotient:8.5/10
  • Brand trust:8.5/10
  • Value for Money:8.5/10
  • User reviews:8.5/10
  • Critik Score:8.5/10

About the Product:

Hustle ignites the expression behind its name. We have different tones and shades mainly due to negative impacts and hustle men would love to contradict our fears on body lotions. This is an exclusive only men product which nourishes their skin with rich chamomile extracts without much chemical interference, and lets you lead a much needed skin friendly life.

Product Features:

  • Not a bottle with a tube but with a spray nozzle greets you when you buy this body lotion, and I feel it’s convenient enough, having 200ml
  • The primary ingredient imparted here is chamomile, which focuses on skin brightening and all is taken organically. The more you contain water inside your dermis, the more effective and glow worthy skin you’ll possess
  • It has a healthy consistency and feels good on skin. With the non irritating formula, you’re good to go daily.
  • It covers and spreads evenly as that’s an important aspect which any body lotion should have
  • Chamomile retains the invisible moisture and since it is rich in antioxidants, it makes your skin look young. It also contains UV rays protection
  • Vitamin E brings anti inflammatory aspects and prevents residues
  • Reduces free radical damage and loves your skin.
  • Easily adaptable to any kind of skin, non irritable, non greasy, works against pollution
  • Excellent choice when travelling
  • Might take time to get absorbed.

9. MensXP Mud Natural Face & Body Lotion for Men

  • Moisturising Quotient:8.4/10
  • Consistency:8.4/10
  • Fragrance:8.3/10
  • Chemical free quotient:8.3/10
  • Brand trust:8.3/10
  • Value for Money:8/10
  • User reviews:8.4/10
  • Critik Score:8.4/10

About the Product:

MensXP MUD has been made to relive the lost skin moments, due to the worldly affairs. They apart from the few we noticed, support oily and combination skin. They relieve stress and eases out the knots formed which is amazing. The best part is that, it contains SPF 15 which is expected on a decent skin care

Product Features:

  • An excellent portable bottle is filled with MensXP MUD which is relished with Vanilla clay and jojoba oil. This is exclusively available for men
  • Since it contains SPF 15, they protect harmful rays in a default format. It can be applied to face, hands and legs and basically all over your body as it gives even skin tone as well
  • They are completely clean from chemicals, as it intends to organically treat your skin problems.
  • It can prevent acne, heat boils, pimples, and repairs the existing scars
  • Vanilla clay and Jojoba oil repairs skin from excess oil and provides pigmentation, hydration and gives vital skin
  • It calms your burning skin and the lotion is non sticky
  • It does not support any traces of Parabens and sulphates
  • Contains SPF 15
  • locks the moisture and this formula is weightless
  • Not for dry skin

10. Escobar Most Wanted Body Lotion

  • Moisturising Quotient:8.3/10
  • Consistency:8.5/10
  • Fragrance:8.2/10
  • Chemical free quotient:8.2/10
  • Brand trust:8/10
  • Value for Money:8.1/10
  • User reviews:8.2/10
  • Critik Score:8.2/10

About the Product:

No, it’s not an edition of Pablo Escobar, but maybe the mystery and the style is inspired by him. This gives an aesthetic impression which contains a lot of good supplements needed for our healthy skin. This deeply nourishing formula has been made for dry skin as that’s a common problem these days. It’s enriched with an amalgamation of butters and oils which can eradicate patchy and flaky skin. The brownie points goes for its features and appearance.

Product Features:

  • You would find 200ml in each bottle which is coated with honey – chocolate brown colour which instantly attracts and a gold plated cover is found with a tube dispenser
  • It is rich in Moroccan argan oil and Shea butter which helps in improving your skin’s texture and nourishes it
  • Good consistency which is worth every penny. And no leakage caused as the tube dispenses the needed
  • Helps in blocking free radicals and hence prevent premature ageing
  • Shea butter and Moroccan argan oil infuse good nutrition into the skin
  • Consists of anti inflammatory properties
  • Excellent packaging with travelling facilities
  • Provides instant hydration
  • Fragrance does not last long

Few tips on men’s skin care:

Deodorants and shoes do not complete your style if I may specify. It’s also a very vital part of grooming that you take good care of your skin, and have a routine for it. But sadly, not every man thinks this is important and stays blind – which should be rectified. For a proper skin care routine, it’s vital to include body lotion on a daily basis.

Let’s check out the basic points which should not be overlooked whatsoever.

  • As skin is the largest organ of the body, it definitely needs the utmost care. And it can’t be taken for granted. It starts with cleansing the face, with a proper, pH balanced, organic and least possible chemically inclined face wash. And this should be done twice a day maximum
  • And quickly, it is followed by properly  Moisturising with a moisturizer or a body lotion. This is done as it retains the water which stayed in your skin after cleansing, as this way, you’re skin will be hydrated all the time
  • Pro tip : if you want to skip Moisturising, you can opt for an amazing branded serum. Serum is lightweight, non creamy and imparts major changes which gives a proper pigmentation to skin.
  • And the main step which can’t be skipped is the exfoliation. A source says that the human body sheds 50 million flakes of skin, and as we grow older, our skin growth decreases, and that’s when we start getting saggy skin. But make sure you do not regularly exfoliate, as it makes your skin rough. Practice it weekly once.
  • Toning is done as it can remove impurities and you can use your preferable toner.
  • Face masks can be an acute regime too. Prefer home made and organic face masks where myriad combination can be created which suits your skin
  • In order to keep your face safe, a beard is the best option. But a beard needs proper grooming too. You can’t grow too much which would give an unprofessional and impromptu look. Trim necessarily and shave accordingly
  • Sunscreens are more important than your glasses and hoodies. The SPF present in it, gives an amazing bubble and covers and shields your skin from impending dangers.


These are the 10 best body lotions for men. Body lotions control a lot of things in one single fluid, and that’s why it is considered to be a vital product which needs to be a part of our daily life. Face creams are frequently used as the face is exposed the most and it needs care, but we forget that the whole body is equally important and it needs pampering and proper care. Only when we take care of our skin, it will take care of us as well!


1.Can guys regularly use body lotion ? 

Mostly they don’t, but if you have a dry and a flaky skin, you need a lotion routine

2.How often should a man use body lotion? 

Once or Twice would be appreciated, as it repairs their skin in a faster rate if you apply daily

3.What are the results of constant moisturization?

You have a better looking skin, better feeling skin, and most importantly, it’ll be healthier in the long term, however you can’t apply more than twice a day, as it reverses the vision and you might end up getting wrinkled and harsh skin.

4.Why do they advise to apply lotion at night? 

That’s because the active ingredients in the skin works better at night, and that’s why it repairs the damaged cells more effectively at night

5. Can I skip moisturizing at night?

No!!! Never sleep with dry and worn out skin. Washing your face and moisturizing it before sleeping is a healthy habit and that will help in unclogging your pores and prevents breakouts.

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