If you are reading this, you are most likely tired of those bad hair days and expensive salons, both of which could easily be removed from your life with the best hair straightener brush in your hand.

For most women, finding good hair products and tools are almost as important as that of skincare routine. And like skin, proper research and great care has to be taken when dealing with hair.

Hair types vary but can be grouped into 4 types:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Kinky curly

Regardless of the type of hair you have, what’s more important and goes a long way in choosing the products and styling tools to buy is your hair texture.

Every hair type has 3 basic textures:

  • Fine Hair: It usually looks thin and can easily be damaged. This is the most fragile hair texture.
  • Medium Hair: Most people have this hair texture. It looks thick and is not as fragile as fine hair.
  • Thick or Coarse Hair: This hair texture is strong and really stubborn. It tends to be resistant to relaxers, hair dyes, and other hair treatments.

Hair straightener brushes are high in demand now because they are more efficient and cater to different hair types and textures, unlike regular flat iron hair straighteners.

1. Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush

hair straightener comb
  • Triple Bristle Design
  • Fast Heat-up Time
  • Prevent overheating
  • Perfect for light hair

About Product:

This lightweight hair straightener brush is one of the best products for achieving that soft, smooth, shiny straight hair that you would normally have to fix a salon date for, and that too right in the comfort of your home!

It is very handy and can easily be slipped into your bag and kept on standby in case of hair emergencies. The Philips BHH880/10 heated hair straightener brush is not only easy to use but also takes less than 50 seconds to heat up and get ready for use. Running late for work? Or have an impromptu meeting?

This hair straightener flawlessly detangles and styles your hair in 5 minutes. It comes with 2 different temperature options, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your hair (even if you have fine hair).

Product Features:

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Coating: Tourmaline is an organic crystalline material that contains Boron. When ground, it can be used as a coating for flat irons and hair straightener brushes. It contains a high level of negative ions which neutralize the positive ions of dry, frizzy hair. This results in a shiny. healthy, and frizz-free hair.
  • ThermoProtect Technology: This technology was designed in order to prevent overheating of the hair straightener brush which may lead to hair damage. It works by maintaining constant temperature across the brush. Heat is evenly distributed and not concentrated on a single area.
  • 2 Temperature Settings: If you have fine hair and are worried about the temperature, you can relax because this hair straightener brush comes with 2 temperature settings; 170°C and 200°C. The former temperature is safe and perfect for light hair, while the latter works well for medium or coarse hair.
  • Triple Bristle Design: The bristles are designed to gently detangle your hair, straighten it, and protect your scalp from the heat that is emitted from the tourmaline coated ceramic plates. It is the ultimate 3-in-1 design for perfect straight hair and a painless experience.
  • Large Paddle-shaped Brush: This allows for more hair to be straightened in one go. With this feature, your hair will be perfectly straightened out in 5 minutes or less. It is highly suitable and recommended for thick or curly hair.
  • Fast Heat-up Time: After plugging the hair straightener brush in,  you only have to wait about 50 seconds for it to be nicely heated up and ready for use. The faster the heat-up time, the faster you can get to straightening your hair and getting on with your day.
  • Ready to use Indicator Light: You don’t have to count the seconds,  or try feeling the brush to know if it’s ready. The LED indicator light will come on immediately the brush is ready for use. Just keep an eye out!
  • 1.8m Swivel Cord: Not everyone has a power outlet that is close to their mirror. Straightening your hair, especially the back and areas closer to the scalp, can be really tasking when the swivel cord is short. The Philips BHH880/10 heated hair straightener brush offers a 1.8m swivel cord that is long and flexible for easy of daily use.
  • It is easy to use
  • Beautiful straight hair in 5 minutes
  • Keratin coating prevents hair damage
  • Heats quickly
  • Plastic bristles protects your skin from accidentally touching the heated ceramic base
  • Customer haven’t complained much about this product.

2. Vega E18-PB Paddle Hair Brush

best hair straightener brush
  • High-quality material
  • Flexible and well balanced
  • Hair and Scalp Friendly
  • Easy grip

About Product:

Vega is a high-quality brand with an unmatched product range. Certainly, this is one of the best hair straightener brush in India. They took India’s beauty accessories industry by storm and are not slowing down. They cater to women’s style needs with their classy, comfortable, and affordable range of personal care and beauty accessory tools.

This Hair Brush is comfortable and easy to use. It comes with a handy cleaner that removes the dirt or hair strands trapped under the bristles of the brush. It is suitable for short and long hair of different textures. Straighten your hair with this wonder brush and boost your confidence level throughout the day.

Product Features:

  • Durable: This brush is designed to last. It is strong and made of high-quality material, and also comes with a cleaner for proper hygiene.
  • Nylon Bristles: Its nylon bristles are flexible and well balanced. They have ball-like tips which easily penetrate hair and detangle it, and also stimulates the scalp. The ball tips prevent the brush from tugging on your hair.
  • Functional Design: It has a sturdy handle that is easy to grip. It is relatively soft and doesn’t hurt to hold.
  • Hair and Scalp Friendly: The Vega paddle brush is suitable for grooming and straightening all types of hair. It does not irritate the scalp, and it also adds more volume and shine to your hair.
  • The quality of the handle could have been better


  • The quality of the handle could have been better

3. EAYIRA Women’s Electric Hair Straightening Brush

best hair straightener brush
  • Preventing hair damage
  • Faster Straightening
  • Multifunctional
  • Hair and Scalp Protection

About Product:

This is a solid ceramic fast detangling brush, packed with awesome features guaranteed to give you an easy and comfortable styling experience. With its exclusive heat expansion plate technology, you can say goodbye to overheating and burning of your scalp.

Its wide range of temperature settings makes it suitable for all hair textures. It takes only about 30 seconds to heat up for use and 5 seconds to fully straighten out the sectioned hair. It has a sleek and ergonomic design which makes it easy to carry along when traveling.

Product Features:

  • Exclusive Heat Expansion Plate Technology: This technology is responsible for the uniform heating of the plates along the ceramic base. It prevents overheating of the ceramic plates surrounding the bristles, thus preventing hair damage.
  • Pro Variable Temperature Control For All Hair Types: This EAYIRA hair straightener brush comes with different temperature settings that are displayed on an LCD temperature indicator screen. The temperature range is from 80°C  to 230°C so you can always adjust it according to your hair type.
  • Faster Straightening Styling: It only takes 5 seconds to completely detangle and straighten the portion of hair that’s on the brush. It saves a lot of time.
  • Multifunctional: The ceramic iron straightener that deals with frizziness, the bristles that detangle hair and add volume to it, and the anion hair massager, all merge together to give a comfortable experience while straightening your hair.
  • Hair and Scalp Protection: The anti-static technology gets rid of the negative ions during styling. This allows for perfect straightening and style control. Its bristles also gently massage the scalp.
  • Very easy to straighten hair
  • Light and sleek design
  • The temperature can be adjusted
  • Fast straightening time
  • The bristles give hair volume and shine
  • No LED indicator light

4. RYLAN Hair Electric Comb

  • LCD Screen
  • Fast Heat-up
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Easy to use

About Product:

RYLAN Hair Electric Comb is an affordable hair straightener that is designed to give the best styling results. It has a simple but polished design. It comes with a convenient and functional LCD screen. The temperature controls make it suitable for all hair types, textures, and desired style. It simultaneously combs your hair, detangles it, and straightens it flawlessly.

Product Features:

  • LCD Screen: This LCD screen gives the brush a smart-tech look and operation. The temperature controls are displayed on it and can easily be adjusted with a single tap. There are no complicated features and as such, children and elderly people can use it too.
  • Electric 3-in-1 Hair Straightener: RYLAN Electric Hair Comb gives a comfortable hairstyling experience by harmoniously combining the brushing, straightening, and hair and scalp massage effect.
  • Fast Heat-up: It takes only a few seconds, after plugging the appliance into the power outlet, to get heated up and ready for use.
  • It is compact
  • Easy to use
  • Gets heated up and is ready for use in no time
  • Prevents hair and scalp damage
  • Adds volume to hair
  • No LED light indicator

5. GUBB USA Oval Hair Brush

best hair straightener brush
  • Protect hair from damage
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Precision Grooming
  • Lightweight

About Product:

GUBB USA is an international grooming brand with a range of products designed to meet modern personal grooming needs. Their products can be grouped into 6 categories – bath, hair, face, foot, nail, and travel. The GUBB USA Oval Hair Brush, like other GUBB products, promotes the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) grooming habit.

You can groom and style your hair in the comfort of your home. This brush has an ergonomic design and features precision grooming.

Product Features:

  • Soft Nylon Bristles: Its nylon bristles are soft, flexible, and ball-tipped. The round edges of the bristles help detangle hair, maintain hair luster, and protect the hair and scalp from damage.
  • Ergonomic Design: The handle ensures a strong grip while brushing the hair. It is lightweight and makes it ideal for back brushing.
  • Precision Grooming: With the combination of the ergonomic handle and nylon bristles, styling has never been easier. It is easy to hold and run through your hair, styling it in a variety of gorgeous ways.
  • Gentle on the scalp
  • The ball-tipped bristles massage the scalp and improve blood circulation
  • The handle allows for a firm grasp
  • Precision grooming
  • Ideal for back brushing
  • It doesn’t come with a brush cleaner

6. WOQZILINE Hair Electric Comb Brush

hair straightener comb
  • 360° swivel cord
  • Temperature control display
  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact

About Product:

WOQZILINE Hair Electric Comb Brush is a fast hair straightening ceramic brush with a 3-in-1 hair styling action. It comes with an LCD screen, temperature display, and a 360° swivel cord. It is an excellent product with a feminine design, solid build, and is budget-friendly.

Product Features:

  • Compact: It is a lot lighter than it looks. The brush is really easy to control and there is no strain on the hand. It can also be packed and carried along anywhere.
  • Temperature control display: The WOQZILINE hair straightening brush comes with a wide range of temperature options suitable for delicate hair and coarse hair. You can use this same brush for a light perm or for a fully straight look.
  • 360° swivel cord: This tangle-free cord allows you to comfortably style your hair in any direction. It rotates and adjusts to the position of the brush.
  • Straightens hair perfectly
  • Massages the scalp
  • Strong and flexible swivel cord
  • Temperature display
  • Comfortable to use
  • Takes a bit longer to heat up

7. Paul Mitchell #427 Black Large Paddle Brush

hair straightening brush
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Durable
  • Detangles curly hair
  • Has a good grip

About Product:

When it comes to the best hair straightener brush in India, Paul Mitchell is one of the top brands under John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS). It is a well-known American Manufacturer that deals in luxury hair products. Paul Mitchell delivers only the highest quality hair care products and styling tools. The Paul Mitchell #427 Black Large Paddle Brush is a must-have for flawless blow-drying. It detangles hair easily and without any pain. It also adds lift and volume to any type of hair.

Product Features:

  • Ball Ended Nylon Pins: These pins gently penetrate the hair ensuring that no pain is felt when detangling. They also massage the scalp while straightening the hair. The ball ended nylon pins create a nice lift to your hair and add volume and shine.
  • Wide Paddle: This wide paddle makes blow-drying faster. The brush can run through a large section of hair in one go and work its magic. It is awesome for thick, stubborn hair, and also protects thinning hair.
  • Highly Durable: Because of its high quality, it takes a lot to wear out this brush. It is a sturdy brush and can be used for years.
  • Lightweight: It is very comfortable to use and has a good grip. It does not slip through your hair or your hand. A handy brush that can fit in your small bag.
  • Its compatibility with water allows the bristles to glide through wet hair without causing hair breakage.
  • It brushes out a large section of hair in one go
  • The brush is highly durable and can last for years if used and taken care of properly
  • It detangles curly hair
  • Speeds up hair drying time and can be used before blow-drying
  • There are no cons

8. Shop World Simply Hair Straightener

hair straightening brush
  • Auto Shut Off
  • 6ft Swivel Cord
  • 3D Ceramic Bristles
  • LCD Temperature Display

About Product:

This brush is the perfect combination of a flat iron and a high-quality styling brush. Straightening hair is as easy as brushing it. Shop World Simply Hair Straightener Brush effectively straightens hair without the usual flat iron damage. It tames unruly curls and frizzy hair and results in a full, healthy, silky-smooth hair with a natural shine. It is great for all hair types and lengths.

Product Features:

  • LCD Temperature Display: It has a clear LCD screen that displays the default temperature and preferred temperature options. On the sides of the brush are the latest technology silicone keys for the power button, heat up button, and heat down button. They are easy to press and they respond immediately.
  • 3D Ceramic Bristles: The silicone bristles are enclosed in ceramic plates which distribute heat evenly. The inner bristles are soft and safe for the scalp and hair detangling, while the ceramic plates safely straighten out the hair.
  • 6ft Swivel Cord: This ensures a hassle-free use of the brush. It is long and flexible and can reach difficult places like the hair at the back.
  • 60 Minute Auto Shut Off: The Simply Hair Straightener Brush comes with a 60-minute auto shut off feature to protect against sparks or heating damages to the brush and surrounding areas. If you forget to turn off the brush, it will automatically shut down after an hour (this starts counting from when it was turned on).
  • Heats up to maximum salon temperature of 450°F
  • Great for travel
  • 60-minute auto shut off
  • 6ft swivel cord
  • Does not tug or pull hair
  • Takes longer than a minute to heat up

9. HEMIZA Zamkar Trades Electric 2-in-1 Ceramic Hair Straightener

best hair straightener brush
  • Suitable for all hair textures
  • Prevent burning and hair damage
  • Flexible Temperature
  • Multifunction Brush

About Product:

This is another best hair straightener brush made of high-quality materials that comes at a bargain price. The LCD monitor screen provides accurate information regarding temperature and time requirements. It works just like a normal brush but gives the ultimate salon-like finish to the hair. It is portable and has a good cable length of 2.5m and is tangle free.

Product Features:

  • Quick Heating: The brush is preheated within 15 seconds and requires about 30 seconds to heat up to the set temperature.
  • Multifunction Brush: HEMIZA Zamkar Trades Electric Hair Straightener Brush features a ceramic iron straightener, a detangling brush, and an anion hair massager. The three features concurrently combine to give soft, straight, frizz-free and lustrous hair and a well-massaged scalp.
  • Flexible Temperature: It has a temperature range of 80°C to 230°C. This makes it suitable for all hair textures. Heat is also distributed evenly to prevent burning and hair damage.
  • Just Comb: It is easy to use and requires regular hair brushing movements. Just comb your hair and watch the static and tangles disappear.
  • Just comb to straighten hair
  • No hair damage during or after use
  • Detachable and easy to take anywhere
  • Quick heating and styling
  • Thermostat adjustment
  • The product doesn’t have many drawbacks.

10. Foolzy Large Square Paddle Brush

best hair straightener brush
  • Anti-dandruff
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Hair-friendly
  • Prevents hair loss

About Product:

This flat hair brush is perfect for static-free detangling of all hair types. With its natural rubber cushioning, it is hair-friendly and perfect for blow-drying. Its soft, sturdy, ball tip bristles massage the scalp each time they are run through your hair. This promotes blood circulation, hair growth, and stronger hair follicles. The Foolzy Paddle Brush prevents hair breakage and promotes shiny, healthy hair.

Product Features:

  • Nylon Ball Tip Bristles and Air Cushion: The air cushion prevents hair loss by reducing the amount of tugging and pulling of hair when brushing it. The nylon ball tip bristles penetrate the hair and get rid of knots and tangles without causing any pain.
  • Scalp massage effect: The soft bristles gently massage the scalp which improves blood circulation and distribution of hair nutrients.
  • Anti-dandruff: You can say goodbye to dandruff with this hair brush. It gets rid of dandruff that may be caught in the undergrowth and also relieves itchy scalp.
  • Easy to detangle
  • 4.5-inch handle and soft gel grip for better control
  • Scalp massage effect
  • The growth of healthier hair is promoted
  • Anti-dandruff action
  • The wooden handle might pop off after a while if too much pressure is applied

11. Orson Hair Electric Comb Brush

hair straightener brush
  • Anti-static technology
  • Temperature control
  • Hair protective
  • Auto shut off

About Product:

The Orson Hair Electric Comb Brush is packed with the best styling technology at an unbelievable price. It features a precise temperature control system, auto shut off that promotes safety, and the ultimate hair protective anti-static technology.

It is an amazing gift for yourself and friends. It is a highly functional appliance designed to give not only the smoothest straight hair, but also the softest. One would think you used some hair treatment products.

Product Features:

  • Temperature Control: The +/- buttons control the temperature. Pressing both at the same time can convert the measurement unit from Centigrade to Fahrenheit. The temperature can easily be regulated in order to prevent “hot spots” on your hair.
  • Auto Shut Off: This feature is designed for safety. If it is not continuously used for 60 minutes, it will automatically shut off and will need to be rebooted for another session.
  • Health Care for Hair and Scalp: The anti-static technology diminishes frizz and fly while boosting maximum style control. The heat plates will never touch your scalp or accidentally burn it, and they will deliver just the right amount of heat required to straighten your hair. The result is always a smooth, shiny, and bouncy hair.
  • Safe for delicate, fine hair
  • Auto shut off
  • Hair and scalp protective
  • Detailed user manual
  • Faster straightening styling
  • Can’t be used on wet hair
  • Can’t be used with hair treatment products. Let your hair cool down before applying sprays or serums.

12. Welltime Hair Electric 3-in-1 Comb Brush

hair straightening brush
  • 3D ceramic bristles
  • Fast Styling Time
  • LCD display
  • Solid temperature controls

About Product:

Welltime Electric Hair Brush is a fast ceramic hair straightener that comes with a cool LCD display, solid temperature controls, and 3D ceramic bristles. It works like a dream and doesn’t damage hair at all. It is a very handy tool that is worth every penny. The advanced ceramic technology embedded in it is sure to neutralize the frizz and static-causing positive ions.

Product Features:

  • Numerous Temperature Settings: The brush comes with a standard temperature range that is appropriate for all hair types. The temperature range of 170°C – 200°C is ideal for thin hair, 190°C – 210°C straightens medium hair, and thick coarse hair generally requires the highest temperature setting – 210°C – 230°C.
  • 3D Ceramic Bristles: The 3D Ceramic Bristles combine and utilize a heating and combing mechanism that allows for effective hair straightening and styling.
  • Fast Styling Time: It doesn’t take as long as a flat iron straightener. This is because the brush can accommodate a larger section of hair and easily work its way through it.
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Long and flexible swivel cord
  • Gets the job done fast
  • Portable
  • Standard temperature range
  • No return policy in case of defective product.

13. Vibrat Enterprise Professional Electric Hair Straightener

hair straightener brush
  • Lightweight
  • Soft bristles
  • Easy On/Off
  • Salon Temperature

About Product:

It’s not just a straightener! This product can also curl and style your hair. So if you have rough and tired curls, you can always straighten them out and re-curl with this awesome product. Its straightening effect is also smooth and thorough.

It features an insulation silicone head which not only looks out for your hair and scalp, but also your hand. It has a clean LCD screen for temperature regulation and display.

Product Features:

Easy On/Off: It has a silicone power button that is comfortable to touch and easy to press. It takes only a 3-second press to turn it on and off.

Salon Temperature: It has a maximum salon temperature of 450°F. Sometimes, we exaggerate the thickness of our hair and doubt the performance of the maximum temperature of a hair straightener brush. This often leads to getting a brush that offers a higher temperature which ends up being too strong and burns the hair.  450°F is a safe and ideal temperature for thick and tough hair. Try it first before deciding to move up.

Soft bristles: The soft bristles protect hair from damage and prevent scalp injury or scarring. The bristles also add luster and volume to the hair while combing and straightening it out.

Lightweight design: Its lightweight design makes it easy on the hand and prevents strain or cramping. It is the ideal weight.

  • Soft and flexible bristles
  • Portable and handy
  • Suitable for all hair length and textures
  • Easy styling
  • Adds volume to hair
  • As far as the customer reviews are considered, the product is good so far.

14. Harikrishnavilla Simply 2-in-1 Hair Straightener

best hair straightener brush
  • Curler and Styler
  • Insulation Silicone Head
  • LCD screen
  • Prevents your hand from being burned

About Product:

It’s not just a straightener! This product can also curl and style your hair. So if you have rough and tired curls, you can always straighten them out and re-curl with this awesome product. Its straightening effect is also smooth and thorough.

It features an insulation silicone head which not only looks out for your hair and scalp, but also your hand. It has a clean LCD screen for temperature regulation and display.

Product Features:

  • Curler and Styler: If you don’t want to simply straighten out your hair, you can also curl it with this product. It is versatile and easy to use. Twist your hair in the direction you want it and the curls will start to form.
  • Insulation Silicone Head: This prevents your hand from being burned when touched. Sometimes, your hand will move up from the handle to the ceramic base, this would usually result in a painful reaction. The Harikrishnavilla straightener prevents heat from escaping to the surface of the brush, making it safe for you to touch.
  • Universal Voltage: It operates efficiently on the universal voltage range of 100 V – 220 V.
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Insulation silicone head
  • Diminishes frizz and knots
  • Can curl hair
  • Fast styling
  • Not suitable for short hair

15. Rozia HR767 Hair Straightener

hair straightener brush
  • Anti-scalding
  • 360° swivel cord
  • Temperature control
  • Super detangling

About Product:

Rozia is a professional brand that produces high-grade hair styling tools such as curling irons, hair dryers, shavers, and hair straighteners. Their appliances are beautifully designed and employ advanced technology that offers premium satisfaction.

This is certainly the best hair straightener brush, which is designed with precise temperature control and guarantees anti-scalding. It also comes with ceramic plates for smooth gliding.

Product Features:

  • Super Detangling: The highlight of this product is its straightening power. It is able to deal with the toughest of hair textures without stress and under no time. Say goodbye to frizzy and extra curly hair.
  • Temperature Control: Its precise temperature regulations protect against scalding and hair damage. You can adjust heat temperature to match your hair or style you’re going for.
  • 360° Swivel Cord: A flexible cord that never tangles. It allows you to move the brush around effectively and without hassle.
  • A high-quality appliance that is budget-friendly
  • Straightens curly and frizzy hair in no time
  • Softens hair
  • Temperature regulation is easy
  • Perfect packaging
  • It is a bit heavy

What is a Hair Straightener Brush?

A Hair Straightener Brush is a tool exclusively designed for hair to adopt the straightening technique of flat irons in order to give hair a glossy, streamlined, and healthy appearance.

When straightening hair, either at a salon or at home, there’s always the fear of hair damage and crunchy split ends. This is usually the end result of using a flat iron. Unlike flat irons, hair straightener brushes have an even distribution of heat which prevents the burning of hair. Hair straightener brushes are also scalp-protective and promote hair growth.

They are easy to use – as simple as brushing your hair – and faster because they’re able to accommodate larger sections of hair. It is the ideal tool for effortless, personal grooming, and saves you the trouble and cost of expensive dates at a salon. Most hair straightener brushes are perfect for even the finest of hairs, as well as the toughest.

How to Choose A Hair Straightener Brush?

Being aware of this hair wonder tool and having this list of the 15 best hair straightener brushes are important steps of your hair journey. However, they don’t really guide you in choosing the BEST ONE FOR YOU. Like many other personal care products, what works for one person might not work as effectively for another. Also, with different brands promising and competing to be the best, it is important to be able to make an informed decision when choosing a hair straightener brush. At the end of the day, you should have in your hand a hair straightener brush that you trust and are sure will become your new best friend.

1. Know Your Hair Type

As discussed earlier in this article, the importance of knowing your hair type cannot be stressed enough. Think of it as knowing your size before going to dress or shoe shopping. Your hair type is the most important factor in choosing the perfect hair straightener brush for you. What works for thick, coarse, and curly hair may be excessively harsh on fine hair.

Thin, fine, and damaged hair require low heat and really soft bristles. The goal is to gently straighten this hair without causing any more breakage or damage. Thick hair is incredibly stubborn and would normally require you to repeatedly go over the same section of hair until the desired result is gotten. This can result in straight but crunchy hair and also hair breakage, although it would be far less than fine hair. Finding a sturdy hair straightener brush with a good maximum heat temperature will do the trick in one go.

Curly hair is the most difficult to straighten because it is the most prone to static and frizz. You will need a wide hair straightener brush with strong plates in order to perfectly straighten this hair. Brands that produce hair straightener brushes might call some of these products universal and suitable for all hair types. However, in most cases, there is always a specific type of hair that each product works best with. For the most satisfactory and superior salon-quality result, it is important to purchase not just the best hair straightener brush, but the best hair straightener brush for your hair type.

2. The Bristles

The bristles are what run through your hair and detangle it. The kind of experience you will have, whether comfortable or painful, will depend on the type of bristles that are attached to the base of your hair straightener brush. Before choosing a hair straightener brush, you need to know four things about the bristles – the quality, the material used, the length, and the tips.

Low quality bristles often come off the base of the hair brush. They could get stuck in your hair or just fall to the ground. This means that the brush will not last long at all and you would need to replace it on a monthly or, worst case scenario, a weekly basis. This is really annoying because it is a waste of time and money.

There are three common types of bristles, depending on the material used. These are:

  • Boar Bristle: These bristles are best suited for fine hair. They help clean your hair, massage your scalp so that its natural oils are distributed, and seal the cuticles of your hair. This results in healthy and lustrous hair.
  • Nylon Bristles: These bristles are the most popular. They tame hair and remove knots and are therefore perfect for thick hair. They are stiff and offer more control.
  • Plastic Bristles: They are similar to nylon bristles. Plastic bristles are incredibly strong and are best for detangling thick long hair and also for preliminary blow-drying.

Long bristles might cause hair breakage so it is safer to get medium or average length bristles. For the tips, ball-tipped bristles are the best because they will not harm your scalp or snag on your hair. They prevent tangling and will gently penetrate your hair to straighten it.

3. The Plates

This is another crucial thing to consider before buying an electric hair straightener brush. When the hair straightener brush is plugged into a power outlet, electric energy is converted to heat energy via the plates. The heated plates are the part of the brush that comes in contact with your hair and straightens it. It would be wise to give this feature special attention due to it being the major contributor to the brush’s straightening effect. Most high-grade brushes utilize either one of two advanced plate technologies, such as ceramic technology or tourmaline technology, in order to reduce damage to the hair caused by excess heat.

Ceramic technology is the most popular technology that is used in hair straightening brushes. This is because it releases negative ions into your hair to counter and neutralize the overabundance of the positive ions in your hair that are responsible for frizz and tangles. It also allows the brush to heat up faster so that the styling process takes less time and less heat-exposure for your hair. Tourmaline technology is also excellent at neutralizing positive ions and will also reduce static and frizz, leaving your hair silky-smooth and streamlined.

4. The Handle

The whole point of purchasing a hair straightener brush is to DO IT YOURSELF. This means you’d rarely get some assistance when straightening your hair. Holding a hair straightener brush over your head for a long period of time can be really uncomfortable and induce wrist cramps. You tend to rush the styling process (and not do it properly) when your hands are tired. This is not the comfortable experience we signed up for.

It is essential to look for a brush with a cushioned handle, as this tends to be more comfortable. If you have full and thick hair, the right handle is especially important for you because you have a lot of hair to get through. You should be on the lookout for something light and easy to hold. A hair straightener brush with a handle that has a good grip with certainly serve you well.

5. The Shape

The size and shape of the hair straightening brush you go for should depend on the thickness and length of your hair. The shape of the brush will determine its versatility. Brushes with an oval or circular shape are good for long hair. You could also get a roller brush to really penetrate and straighten every inch of your beautiful long hair. Flat, rectangular brushes, on the other hand, are ideal for the medium and short-haired people. They are easy to run through your hair and produce your desired results.

6. Portability

Hair grooming is not restricted to the walls of a salon or your home. You can have a hair emergency anywhere and at any time. For a woman constantly on the move, you could also have impromptu functions or meetings to attend and your sort of laid-back “work” hair just won’t cut it. A good hair straightener brush should be lightweight and portable. It must be easy to slip into any handbag or travel bag. If you can’t comfortably carry it along with you then you shouldn’t have it. A hair straightener brush is meant to be a woman’s best friend and lifesaver.

7. Temperature Range

Hair straightener brushes use heated plates to straighten out your hair. The temperature of these plates can be adjusted. The best hair straightener brush for you should offer a variety of heat settings. Even though hair straightener brushes protect the hair and scalp, and also cause less heat damage as compared to flat irons, they still expose your hair to a level of heat. The lowest temperature is usually between 75°C – 80°C. This temperature is lukewarm and will have no significant effect on hair. Adjusting the temperature to 170°C – 200°C will safely (causing little or no damage) straighten fine hair. 190°C – 230°C is suitable for other hair types. Salon-quality hair straightening brushes generally have the max temperature of 450°F or 230°C.

However, if you have black hair which is really stubborn and almost impossible to style, you might need a hair straightener comb with a higher maximum temperature. Getting the right temperature range for your hair will speed up the straightening process which means a minimal strain on your wrist – if any strain at all – and less heat exposure for your hair. You can get a nice and healthy hair under a few minutes.

8. Heat Up Time

It will be disheartening and annoying to find out that your supposedly awesome hair straightener brush takes forever to heat up. It just kills the excitement. One of the major reasons hair straightening brushes are competing with and steadily dethroning flat irons is the fact that most of the brushes have a fast heat up time. This makes it perfect for those mornings when you’re running late to school, work, or any other appointment. You just plug it in and wait for a few seconds and start using. Even though all electric hair straightener brushes should have this feature, not all actually do. For some, it can take minutes before it gets to the temperature you set. This can make you get frustrated and opt for a simple, messy bun.

9. Swivel Cord

Unless you have a power outlet right next to your mirror, a short swivel cord simply won’t do. A hair straightener brush can be lightweight and portable but have a short swivel cord. This limits movement and makes the process uncomfortable.

A good hair straightener comb should come with a long and flexible swivel cord, made with high-quality material that can function effectively at the standard voltage range of 100V – 220 V. Some cords are fake and start to spark or overheat not long after plugging in. 360° swivel cords are the best because they can rotate without tangle. Your movement is not restricted and you can, therefore, comfortably reach and straighten out every inch of your hair, no matter the angle.

10. Price and Value

Cheap products can be really attractive. This is why some brands offer you “high-quality” products without necessarily breaking the bank. According to research, most of these products are really subpar and end up damaging your hair. Cheap hair straightening brushes tend to break more quickly, unevenly apply heat, snag your hair, and even injure your scalp. You’ll probably find yourself getting a new one within a couple of weeks.

Pricier hair straightener brushes offer a greater value and are usually worth every penny. They save costs in the long run because of their insane longevity. It usually takes years before they need to be replaced.


A hair straightener comb is a necessary tool for personal, day-to-day hair grooming. In this world where we are constantly being pressed for time, it really comes in handy. You can look your best right in the comfort of your home, without having to schedule salon appointments or spend a lot on chemicals. Hair straightener brushes are designed to be simple, easy, and a lot safer to use than flat irons. They can also boost blood circulation around your scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

The 15 best hair straighteners listed in this article, along with the guide to choosing the best hair straightener for your hair type, are guaranteed to lead you to the perfect hair straightener brush for you.