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Highlighters are key to making your makeup gleam and for your high points shine through. A full face of foundation and concealing can make the face look pale and plain like a canvas. Contour, Blush and Highlight creates that extra definition to the face and makes the high points of the face pop – such as the bridge of the nose, chin, upper cheeks, brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Highlighters are one of my favourite tools to play with and there is nothing that helps create that shiny goddess-like glamorous appeal. In this article, I have listed some of the best highlighters in India that can help you win the shiny glass face trend.

Top 10 Best Highlighters | Product Reviews

1. e.l.f Studio Baked Highlighter

  • Formula : 9.8/10
  • Coverage : 9.7/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.8/10
  • Value For Money : 9.7/10
  • User Rating : 9.6/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9.8/10

Product Features:

e.l.f Cosmetics is one of the best midrange to high end cosmetics brand and this product has managed to steal the hearts of women worldwide with its quality.

  • Pearl finished shimmy base in a very light pinkish tone that suits most skin tones and for warm to neutral undertones
  • Has a beautiful sheer pigmentation that is very buildable and can be custom applied suitable to each occasion
  • An easy to carry product with a pressed and baked powder format and has a very portable packaging perfect for highlighting on the go
  • Sheer pigmentation when used dry but can be build on based on requirement
  • Can be used for a natural glow in the morning or used with a fixing spray and a damp blender to create a blinding look for parties and date nights
  • Pearlescent hue finish that is a perfect safe choice when it comes to choosing a colour
  • Has a light pink colour and the formula is very long lasting on the skin as well
  • Infused with the goodness of Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, Sunflower, apricot and grape extracts that help hydrate the skin
  • Need to scrape the outer layer to reveal the actual product

2. theBalm Manizer Liquid Highlighter

  • Formula : 9.8/10
  • Coverage : 9.7/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.7/10
  • Value For Money : 9.6/10
  • User Rating : 9.8/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9.7/10

Product Features:

The Manizer Liquid Highlighter comes in 2 different shades – a soft pink which is the Mary-Dew Manizer and golden tint which is the Berry-Dew Maniser. Both of them are gorgeous hues.

  • This highlighter is one of the best liquid highlighters in town – the creamy formula is supremely pigmented and gives a blinding glow
  • The highlighter comes in a bottle with a wand and can be applied precisely onto small areas such as eyebrow bone, bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eye, archers bow etc
  • For a bigger portion such as the chin and the cheeks, you can cover the area in dot and blend with a brush or dab on with a beauty blender to reveal a stunning glow
  • One of the most recommended highlighters by instagram and youtube makeup bloggers
  • Comes in two different shades and has both a light and a dark shade to choose for cool and warm undertones
  • The wand applicator is thin and pointed and helps in precise placement of the product
  • Can be used both as a thin coat for a strong glowy pigmented look or can be diffused with a makeup blender for a light natural glow
  • Gives a long lasting sheen and can be mixed with foundation, primer, BB creams or daily moisturisers for a glowy look
  • Product quantity is quite less for the price

3. Maybelline New York Face Studio Highlighter

  • Formula : 9.6/10
  • Coverage : 9.4/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.6/10
  • Value For Money : 9.7/10
  • User Rating : 9.5/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9.5/10

Product Features:

The Maybelline Metallic highlighter comes in 2 shades – the Molten Gold and the Molten Rose gold that both suit normal skin and match warm and cold undertones respectively.

  • The Maybelline Highlighter is a godsend for makeup lovers on a budget. This very affordable highlighter comes in 2 shades that go beautifully well on indian skin tones
  • The metallic sheen that the formula offers is unmistakably blinding and makes you look gorgeous with a golden touch
  • The formula is not sheer but not too pigmented so it can be easily brushed on to form the most favourable tint of highlight
  • Gives your skin a warm look and makes you look shiny and bronzier despite all the foundation and concealing
  • A very buildable formula that can be picked up using your brush, a blender or your fingertips and applied in light strokes. Build on for more pigmentation
  • An easy to carry format that fits right inside your handbag and can be dabbed on for extra coverage at any time
  • Make your cheekbones and high points pop out with this powder based formula that blends seamlessly into the rest of your makeup
  • Might look streaky if not blend properly

4. Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Perfector Pressed Highlighter

  • Formula : 9.5/10
  • Coverage : 9.4/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 9.5/10
  • Value For Money : 9.3/10
  • User Rating : 9.6/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 9.4/10

Product Features:

The Becca Shimmering Highlight comes in a big pan of pressed highlighter cake with a mirror in a black case. Do not mistake it by its simple looks, the product within is astounding.

  • A pressed highlighter format, this highlighter comes in a variety of shades such as opal, moonstone, topaz, champagne, prosecco, Rose gold, pearl etc
  • Comes with a mirror so you can apply on the go, wet or dry, use a brush or a blender to apply
  • The champagne and moonstone varieties of the highlighter range is the top selling. The champagne has a touch of white gold with peach and the moonstone has silver accents
  • Comes in super luxurious wide pan with a lot of product that goes a long way as little truely goes on for long
  • Has a gemstone finish with moonstone and pearl having white silver tones and opal, champagne that has white gold and peach. The iridescent shades look heavenly
  • Just one sweep is enough to light up the targeted area. Nevertheless, the formula is buildable
  • Feels very soft, stays on for a long time and makes the face look chiselled like an angel
  • Expensive

5. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

  • Formula : 8.8/10
  • Coverage : 9/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.9/10
  • Value For Money : 8.8/10
  • User Rating : 8.8/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.9/10

Product Features:

The NYX Liquid illuminator is a multipurpose cream that can be used as is or as a base for your makeup. It can be even used as a face cream and has a mild luminosity to it.

  • A light cream based formula that blends and seamlessly covers the face and be used as a luminous day cream
  • It can also be used as a body highlighter due to its creamy consistency. Mixing it with body lotion or body oil works miraculously
  • It can blended with your foundation for a glowy base or use it as a highlighter to dab on to the high points and blend it with a brush
  • A simple, easy to carry squeeze tube in the colour of the chosen higher shade
  • Comes in 4 varieties of shades – Sunbeam, Gleam, Pure Gold and Sun Goddess, in the order of their shade density
  • Sunbeam and gleam have soft peach to pink undertones whereas pure gold and sun goddess are bolder shades with warm undertones
  • Stays on for a long time and hydrates the skin perfectly for as long it is on the skin.
  • Quantity of the product is less

6. Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder

  • Formula : 8.7/10
  • Coverage : 8.8/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.6/10
  • Value For Money : 8.8/10
  • User Rating : 8.7/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.7/10

Product Features:

The Wet n Wild Highlighters are gorgeously pigmented and come in an easy to carry plastic case with the flashy shades gleaming through

  • The product comes in 4 awe striking shades – Blossom Glow, Precious Petals, Botanic Dream and Royal Calyx
  • The shades are designed to go with each kind of skin type and skin undertones. From peach, pink, cool, neutral and warm undertones.
  • The product comes in a pressed compact format and in a considerably large pan that lasts for a long time
  • Has a buttery feel and the product applies really well on cheeks, brow bones, nose and chin. Blends easily
  • The royal calyx shade has a silvery finish that looks very beautiful on fair skin tones and the blossom glow shade is perfect for dusky skin tones
  • The product lasts for a long time on the face and has a very shiny, reflective base to it.
  • It is a very easy to carry product and can be simply tossed into your handbag without worrying about spillage as it comes with a click top
  • Some users felt that it felt a bit streaky on the skin

7. Makeup Revolution Sophx Highlighter Palette

  • Formula : 8.6/10
  • Coverage : 8.5/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.4/10
  • Value For Money : 8.6/10
  • User Rating : 8.6/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.5/10

Product Features:

This Highlighter Palette has everything, earthy browns, pearly pinks, iridescent greens and blues and glittery golden shades.

  • This palette is your go-to for all your highlighting requirements, it has 8 beautiful shades
  • There are both baked as well as compressed shades and all of them have a Sheen and glittery finish to them
  • The theme concentrates on universally flattering shades that anyone can wear without having to buy multiple products
  • The palette has 8 different shades in metallic and shimmery textures and feel silky smooth on the skin when applied
  • The palette comes in a classic makeup revolution skin beige bottom with a glass click top case that prevents any spillage
  • Highlight on the go with this palette as it’s super easy to apply even just with your fingertips and blends seamlessly
  • The shades can be mixed and matched for a combination of different shades which is a great option for the price of 8 shades
  • Some users felt that some of the shades were too light and powdery

8. Benefit Cosmetics Liquid Highlighters

  • Formula : 8.2/10
  • Coverage : 8.3/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 8.2/10
  • Value For Money : 8.1/10
  • User Rating : 8.1/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 8.2/10

Product Features:

The Benefit Cosmetics range of Highlighters are packaged in a gorgeous shiny bottle and comes in 3 varieties and in 2 sizes, the full size and the travel friendly minis.

  • The highlighters have 3 naturally shimmery shades inspired from everyday things such as summer, nature and the sun.
  • The shades are Sun Beam which has warm golden undertone, High Beam which has a cool pink undertone and Shy Dandelion which has a neutral to cool peach undertone
  • The shades are beautiful even when they are mixed and matched and can be bought as a minis set perfect for travelling and customising
  • The highlighters have a liquid texture with suspended shimmers that look gorgeous on the skin
  • The sheer pigmentation blends effortlessly into the skin and can be applied with fingertips, a soft brush or a makeup sponge
  • Perfect for everyday use due to its sheer texture and can be mixed with your foundation or daily face moisturiser for an overall glowy appearance
  • The formula is very light and buildable and can be used to build a sultry bold highlight as well
  • Might feel too light on fair skin tones

9. MAC Mineralize SkinFinish – Soft & Gentle

  • Formula : 7.9/10
  • Coverage : 7.8/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 7.7/10
  • Value For Money : 7.9/10
  • User Rating : 7.7/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 7.8/10

Product Features:

This Pressed Powder highlighter has a beautiful sheer coverage and has a velvety finish on skin and is preferred by many makeup bloggers for its simplicity

  • The product comes in a large size pan in a compressed powder format with a transparent clip top to secure the product from fallouts
  • The product has a formula which is sheer and soft and lasts for a long time on the skin
  • The formula contains minerals that help in correction of oil release without clogging pores
  • The formula is perfect for oily skin types as the powdery finish helps in mattifying the skin and revealing a pleasant shine
  • The texture is soft and powdery and has a very sheer amount of pigmentation
  • Although the sheer nature, the formula is very buildable and can be used for bold highlights as well
  • The minerals in the product help control excess sebum il and the formula is non-comedogenic and is dermatologically tested
  • For dry skin users, strobe cream needs to applied before putting on this highlighter

10. Too Faced Love Light Highlighter

  • Formula : 7.5/10
  • Coverage : 7.4/10
  • Colour Pay-Off : 7.6/10
  • Value For Money : 7.6/10
  • User Rating : 7.6/10
  • Critik’s Rating : 7.5/10

Product Features:

The Too Faced Love Light Highlighter is one of the most unique highlighters which takes into consideration all kinds of skin and is inclusive towards men and women

  • One of the most elegant and beautiful packaging in the highlighter markert, this product is eye-catchy and charismatic to look at
  • The highlighter is inspired by the 2 shades of natural lighting, sunshine and moonshine
  • The product comes in these 2 shades and in a very silky creamy formula that is buttery to the touch and feels like silk on the skin
  • Buttery soft formula which includes all kinds of textures, a powder looking formula that is wet and creamy and settles into a lasting shiny base on the skin
  • Powder-to-cream formula looks matte on the skin and is suitable for all skin kinds
  • Comes in 2 shades – Blinded by the light which is a silvery cool undertone shade and Ray of Light which has a warmer golden undertone and a hint of rose gold shade
  • The shades are universally flattering and can be mixed and matched for customised appearance
  • Needs to be scraped a bit before revealing the actual product as its pressed too tightly


These are the 10 best Highlighters in India. They are a perfect addition to your makeup routine. Like we discussed, highlighters are most important when it comes to making your face’s high points really shine through. A highlighted face helps the light to disperse off the face and create a luminous appearance. A goddess like glass skin is so easily achievable with a single stroke or a droplet of a highlighter.

Highlighters are also available in the form of body oils and body shimmers these days that help highlight your body parts such as cleavages, legs, shoulder blade, neck and back. Body shimmer oils make you look heavenly and god-send is perfect for sunny days or on the beach. They glisten when the sun rays touch the body and give out a luxurious feel to touch. Also, they help in tanning the skin a bit so if you have a pale white body and would love some colour or tan, a body shimmer oil will help. Alternatively, you can mix some highlighter with some natural carrier oil or light lotion such as coconut oil or almond oil and apply this mixture to your legs, back, arms and shoulder blades for a beautiful Miami or Hawaii vacay tan but created in the comfort of your home.

Applying Highlighter, The Right Way

Using a highlighter can be tricky for a novice. There is a science behind the highlight effect which needs to be heeded in order to get the perfect result. Follow the tips below to help you nail a well highlighted look each time:

1. Choose The Highlighter Texture For You

Highlighters come in all kinds of texture, liquid, jelly, cream, powder etc. Based on your skin type you must choose the right texture for your face. Otherwise the highlighter might not work very well for your skin. If you have oily skin, a powder or jelly based highlighter may work best. If you have dry skin, liquid and cream highlighters would be perfect. Not considering your skin type might end up making your highlighter look oily or dull on your skin.

2. Focus On Your High Points

The high points of a face are upper cheek areas, temples, Chin, Bridge of the nose, Archers’ bow, under the brow bone, inner corner of the eyes and your neck line. If you have a round face, a good highlighting pattern can make your face look leaner and sharper. For an elongated face, a highlighter can soften those sharp curves and make your face look subtler. So finding your high points based on your face type is very key to the highlighting effect.

3. Creating The Right Illusion

Once you have identified the high points based on your face, create a mental pattern of your highlight. For round faces, highlight from above the cheeks all the way to the brow bone and the temples. This will make your face look leaner.Blend the highlighter upwards and outwards. Focus on the bridge of the nose and the eyes. For elongated faces, highlight just around the cheeks and focus on the chin. Blend inwards for a softer, rounder outlook.

4. Blend Away

Blending is essential. Patchy highlighters are the worst nightmares of a well done face. IF you are using a liquid or jelly highlighter, place a few drops on your high points and blend in circular outward motion. Buff it out with a damp beauty blender for a perfectly synced look. For cream and powder highlighters, pick up the product with a highlighter brush and tap off the excess. Apply in mild and slow strokes focussing on blending with the makeup base. Buff out with a beauty blender.

5. Highlighter Alternatives

If you are completely new to highlighters, start out by using your eyeshadow palette. Mix a few glittery or shimmery shades with your brush and use them in the same techniques as above on your high points, blending the colours slowly. You can mix the shades with a few soft matte shades to get the perfect coloured highlighter such as soft pink, cream, peach or even gold. For a gorgeous glass skin look, mix a few drops of highlighter in your BB Cream or foundation to get a beautiful shimmery appearance.


1. Are highlighters safe on the skin?

All highlighters listed here are dermatologically tested and certified to be safe on skin. The glitter particles remove easily when washed and cause no harm to the skin whatsoever.

2. What are the ingredients to avoid in Highlighters?

Avoid SLS, Parabens, Artificial colour or fragrance when it comes to highlighters. Also check if the formula is skin safety tested and non-comedogenic so that it does not block the pores on the face.

3. How do highlighters work?

Highlighters are light reflective compounds mixed in a base of makeup. This compound when applied to the skin, reflects natural or artificial light and makes your skin look glowy and glamorous.

4. What is the glass skin trend with reference to highlighters?

A few drops of highlighter in your makeup base such as your BB Cream or your foundation can give you a shiny base and make your skin gleam from within like glass. This base needs only concealing and contouring as the idea is to keep it soft and subtle with a glass like sheen.

5. How is body shimmer different from highlighter? Can they be used interchangeably?

Body shimmers come as dusting powders or body oils and are usually for the legs and body and not suitable for the face as they are highly pigmented and can cause your pores to block. So we recommend using only a face highlighter on the face. Although you can mix your face highlighter in a base of oil or lotion and use that as a body shimmer.

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