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In the pre corona era, a tiring 9-5 routine was sometimes followed with a party or catching up with friends or even a quick grocery run. As an involuntary reflex, we run to the restroom, brush the busy day off our faces with a dab of compact powder and a splash of colour to the lips. This simple act elevates our mood from 0-60 in 10 seconds.

Now, in the corona era, we still need our compact powders to mask the pearls of perspiration that settle on the upper lip caused by the masks. Basically, compact powders are a quick fix for a clean hassle-free look and in this fast-paced world, aren’t we all suckers for quick fixes?

We spend thousands on makeup products but it is incomplete without a proper compact powder to keep our makeup in place and to give a dazzling finishing touch. Let us all agree that if we are asked to do a “what is in your bag” challenge, most of us would be caught carrying around a compact powder in our pretty little purses.

Now let’s jump head first into the top 10 Best Compact Powders in India.

Top 10 Best Compact Powders in India

1. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Micro Powder

  • Coverage:10/10
  • Feel and finish:10/10
  • Skin safety:10/10
  • Value for money:9.8/10
  • User rating:9.9/10
  • Critik’s Rating:9.9/10

About Product:

We all live on Instagram more than in reality and in one of my quests I saw this video of a celebrity talking about Charlotte Tilbury products, that kindled my interest and I looked it, the more and more I read, the more I was convinced that this masterpiece needs to be in this list. What makes this compact so precious is the air brush finish complexion it promises in addition to some of their high-quality ingredients like rose wax and almond oil. The packaging itself is so attractive, you may not be able to keep your hands off it.

Product Features:

  • The product weighs 8 grams and comes in 4 different shades.
  • The powder formula is super fine and gives the feel of a cashmere on skin.
  • ​The product is certain to have a matte finish meanwhile promoting smoothness and moisturising to the skin.
  • It contains extracts of multiflora rose and almond oil, which nourishes the skin and renders the royal treatment our skin deserves.
  • There are light reflecting pearls which diffuse the light as it hits the face thereby providing a luminous complexion.
  • Provides an air brush finish which resembles a natural glow from within rather than being shimmery and loud.
  • The product comes in a rose gold, beautiful drool worthy luxe compact case.
  • It is long lasting and mattifies oily areas perfectly.
  •  Expensive
  • The compact doesn’t come with an applicator sponge making it a little tricky to touch up on the go.

2. L.A GIRL HD Pro Face Pressed Powder

  • Coverage:9.7/10
  • Feel and finish:9.8/10
  • Skin safety:9.9/10
  • Value for money:10/10
  • User rating:9.7/10
  • Critik’s Rating:9.7/10

About Product:

Gone are the days where we had to buy a compact two shades lighter than our actual skin tone to make us look fairer. In the current scenario as we learn to love ourselves the way we are, it is about time we opt for products like this one. The most attractive quality of LA girls is the shades, you get almost all the colours that would suit an Indian skin tone. Also, as the name suggests, it is HD finish which means you would get a decent coverage on the pores.

Product Features:

  • The product weighs 7 grams and promises a HD finish.
  • The powder formula feels natural and doesn’t cake or get chalky.
  • It is available in 13 shades covering a wide range of skin tones.
  • The product is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is paraben free and cruelty free.
  • The compact includes a mirror as well as a good quality sponge which is quite hands on.
  • Wide range of shades to pick from.
  • The powder blends well onto the skin providing a luminous matte look.
  • Sometimes it may be difficult to get a hold of this compact, but is completely worth waiting for.
  •  It is crucial to find the right shade that compliments your skin tone for best results.

3. Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

  • Coverage:9.8/10
  • Feel and finish:10/10
  • Skin safety:10/10
  • Value for money:9.5/10
  • User rating:9.6/10
  • Critik’s Rating:9.6/10

About Product:

If you know makeup, you know you can trust Bobbi Brown. You do not want to settle for anything less than the best of them all, then this product would tick all your boxes. The product is a little steep on the pocket but this beauty is 100% oil free and oil absorbing with the goodness of Vitamin E, it doesn’t stop there, it is also vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and every other questionable chemical free. The package is so elegant and classy that it would attract you right away.

Product Features:

  • The product weighs 11 grams and comes in 6 different shades.
  • The product promises a long lasting, super sheer and flawless finish.
  • 100% oil free and oil absorbing therefore best for touch ups.
  • Soft, velvety textured powder gives a luxurious experience overall.
  • The product is free of paraben, sulfate, phthalate, sulfite and gluten thereby a safe option for the skin.
  • The packaging, as mentioned earlier is classy and comes with a mirror and a super soft powder puff.
  • Great for all skin types and delivers the promise of flawless looking skin.
  • The powder has a mild yellow undertone which makes it blend well with all kinds of complexions.
  • The skin is to be moisturized well before applying this because of its intense oil absorbing property, if otherwise it might tend to dry the skin.
  • The powder is best for light touch ups hence may not provide a higher coverage of scars and blemishes.

4. Colorbar Perfect Match Compact

  • Coverage:9/10
  • Feel and finish:9/10
  • Skin safety:9.5/10
  • Value for money:9/10
  • User rating:9.2/10
  • Critik’s Rating:9.3/10

About Product:

‘Perfect match’ is the key word here, we are all looking for our perfect matches in every aspect of our life and when it is handed to you on a silver platter in the form of a compact, you take it. Another desirable addition is that the product is enriched with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, if you are at least a little invested in the skin care industry, you know how much of a buzz hyaluronic acid has created recently, it is an essential component to nourish your skin. For this and few other reasons, I consider this product deserved to be in the best compact powder of India category.

Product Features:

  • Provides a mattifying effect, also assures moisturizing and nourishing to the skin.
  • The product weighs 9 grams and comes in 3 different shades.
  • Creamy and velvety textured powder that effortlessly blends with your natural complexion.
  • The pigments in the product adapt to the natural skin complexion and give a luminous matte finish.
  • The product is suitable for both dry as well as oily skin textures, making this product really attractive.
  • Even for a sensitive skin it can be used as it is free of paraben, allergens and fragrances.
  • The product is cruelty free as well.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.
  • The extra creamy texture melts into the skin and successfully covers blemishes, wrinkles and even skin tone.
  • Few shades to select from.
  • Lack of mirror in the compact package.

5. SUGAR Cosmetics Dream Cover SPF15 Mattifying Compact

  • Coverage:9/10
  • Feel and finish:9.5/10
  • Skin safety:9.5/10
  • Value for money:9.5/10
  • User rating:8.9/10
  • Critik’s Rating:9/10

About Product:

Living in India, sun is a guaranteed visitor every day, this compact from SUGAR is one of the best because of its SPF15 minerals which protects your face from the harmful rays of the sun and as a cherry on top, this is also enriched with vitamin E. Wouldn’t we all love ourselves a multipurpose product that gives you a matte clean look, healthier skin, as well as act as a sunscreen. Because of its mattifying effect this would be an excellent choice if you have an oily skin texture.

Product Features:

  • The item weighs 6 grams and has a variation of 5 shades.
  • Absorbs excess oil and controls oil secretion for 5+ hours.
  • Enriched with SPF 15 minerals and Vitamin E.
  • Blurs pores and gives an even complexion.
  • Sets your makeup perfectly well giving you a matte look.
  • Paraben free, Vitamin E rich hence safe for the skin.
  • Comes in 5 different shades which you can choose depending on your skin tone.
  •  Comes with a sponge applicator which makes it easier for application especially when you are on the go.
  • Good for everyday use.
  • The mirror attached to the compact might be a little hazy.
  • Because of its mattifying quality, it might not be best for dry skin textures.

6. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder

  • Coverage:9/10
  • Feel and finish:8/10
  • Skin safety:8/10
  • Value for money:10/10
  • User rating:9/10
  • Critik’s Rating:8.9/10

About Product:

Probably one of the most bought brands especially for compact powders, Maybelline produces a decent product and the list of best compact powders for India would be incomplete if Maybelline is left out of the race. This product is a perfect fit for daily use especially when you are opting for a natural look. The name suggests a poreless and matte look, this powder actually manages to deliver on their promises. Another favourite feature of mine is that this compact comes in 9 different shades and quite easily available in the market as well.

Product Features:

  • This first mattifying product by Maybelline weighs 8.5 grams and comes in 9 different shades.
  • Suits best for normal to oily skin type, has a perlite mineral technology that absorbs oil from the skin quite well.
  • Promises a matte and poreless look for 16 hours straight.
  • Affordable, easily available and comes in a decent package.
  • Pigmented, easy to apply and blend.
  • The product provides a variety of shades to choose that matches your complexion.
  • Brightens skin and evens out skin tone.
  • Oil free and oil absorbing quality suiting best for oily skin texture.
  • If you have dry skin, moisturize well before applying the product.

7. Lakmé 9 to 5 Foundation Compact

  • Coverage:8/10
  • Feel and finish:9/10
  • Skin safety:8.7/10
  • Value for money:10/10
  • User rating:8/10
  • Critik’s Rating:8.4/10

About Product:

Lakmé has developed an array of compacts that fit like a glove to our day to day requirements. Now this particular product is interesting as it is not just a compact but also a foundation and concealer, a 3 in 1 formula, pretty fancy right? Imagine, buzzing around the house, hardly finding the time for an elaborate makeup routine before rushing off to the office, if this is you, then this product is for you. It reduces makeup time still promising a matter finished look throughout the day. Personally, I feel it is pretty convenient and witty.

Product Features:

  • The product weighs 9 grams and comes in 6 different shades.
  • Comes with a built-in primer that promises coverage through our 9-5 routine.
  • The foundation in the formula assures an even coverage and to use it as a foundation bae, you can wet the product and apply.
  • Chic packaging, looks attractive and easy to carry around.
  • One product with 3 attractive qualities of a foundation, concealer and compact.
  • Assures a flawless matte finish, best suited for oily skin types.
  • Most shades are available all the time making it easy for purchase.
  • The compact comes with a mirror and an applicator sponge.
  • Reviews suggest that the product may not last to the 9-5 hour promise but holds well for 4-5 hours.
  • The product might not be providing maximum coverage.

8. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder

  • Coverage:8.5/10
  • Feel and finish:8.5/10
  • Skin safety:8.9/10
  • Value for money:8/10
  • User rating:8.3/10
  • Critik’s Rating:8.1/10

About Product:

Doesn’t the word super- blendable give it a super hero quality? What if a layer of powder feels just like another skin? That’s a true match for you. True match makes it to the list of best compact powders for its jet fusion technology, that is the powder is 40% more finer thereby giving you a finish that is a no makeup make up look. Carrying this one around can almost always promise you a picture-perfect appearance making you selfie ready whenever you want. Since it is finer in formula, you need very little amounts for application as well, isn’t that a sweet little added bonus?

Product Features:

  • Ultra-fine formula with jet fusion technology.
  • The product weighs 9 grams and is available in 2 shades.
  • The formula consists of pearl pigments that enhance skin tone.
  • Provides a super even and fine matte finish.
  • The powder is lightweight, blends easily and gives you a natural look.
  • It is non- comedogenic i.e., the product doesn’t tend to cause black heads.
  • The powder blends well onto the skin providing a luminous matte look.
  • The compact comes with a mirror and applicator sponge.
  • The fragrance is mild, making you feel comfortable wearing it.
  • Some reviews suggest that the powder doesn’t stay on for longer hours.
  • The coverage might be underwhelming as it does not conceal scars and blemishes.

9. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder

  • Coverage:7/10
  • Feel and finish:7.9/10
  • Skin safety:8.5/10
  • Value for money:8.5/10
  • User rating:8/10
  • Critik’s Rating:7.9/10

About Product:

It is about time we make taking selfies a sport, because most of us have aced this game, what if I tell you to up your selfie game, this is a wonderful product to have. Among the best compact powders of India, we have this illuminating product from wet n wild, their light diffusing pigments gives you a silky and flowing skin which can be captured beautifully by our smartphones. The product promises a satin finish look which assures a soft, supple yet picture perfect glow.

Product Features:

  • This product was tested against 7 different light settings with top smartphone models to ensure the best picture quality.
  • Suits well for a dry skin texture.
  • Comes in 2 shades, each covering a wide range of skin tones.
  • Wet n wild is a cruelty free, Peta certified brand.
  • Provides a subtle shimmery look apt for parties and gatherings.
  • Even when applied on bare skin it provides a satin finish look.
  • Smooth finish and blends in seamlessly.
  • Affordable product to up gram game.
  • It is a little shimmery so if you are looking for a matte finish product, this isn’t the one for you.
  • There is no sponge or mirror along with the package which pose a mild inconvenience.
  • As only 2 shades are available, it may be restrictive towards few skin tones.

10. Biotique Natural Makeup Magicompact

  • Coverage:7/10
  • Feel and finish:7.5/10
  • Skin safety:10/10
  • Value for money:10/10
  • User rating:7.5/10
  • Critik’s Rating:7.5/10

About Product:

In recent times, 100% organic is a term that is trending worldwide and it gets our motor running as well. For those out there looking for a natural hassle-free product in an affordable range, look no further, this would be your magic pixie dust. I personally feel this product would be an excellent choice for people prone to sensitivity and irritation to the skin easily. The brand itself is known for its purity and sustainability and hence I vote this product to be one among the best compact powders from India.

Product Features:

  • The product weighs 8 grams and comes in 4 different shades of which 3 of them are usually easily available in the market.
  • The colour tint it provides is all natural and hence will nourish your skin further.
  • The product provides sun protection with SPF 15 minerals to protect your skin from the harmful rays.
  • Affordable and amazing for daily use.
  • It is 100% organic, silicon free and cruelty free.
  • The product is skincare induced i.e., it contains multivitamins, minerals and plant enriched tints which has positive effects on the skin.
  • It provides a matte finish and smudge proof formula.
  • The product comes in a rose gold, beautiful drool worthy luxe compact case.
  • The application and blending could be a little tricky but for it being a completely natural product that should be a challenge worth taking.
  • The product does not come with a built-in applicator.

Small Insight into choosing the right formula depending on your skin tone:

For oil skin users

If you are someone like me who has oily skin and a forever oily T zone, you might be benefitted looking into formulas that are oil free and oil absorbing and something that promises a matte look. This matte finish can help avoid your skin looking unnecessarily shiny.

For dry skin users

Now, if you are a dry skinned beauty then you might have to look into formulas that are a little creamy in nature, or if you find the matte finishes flattering make sure to moisturize your skin really well before using the powders. You can also opt for the formulas that have an inbuilt moisturizing quality.

For Sensitive skin users

For those with sensitive skin prone to getting irritated and reddish easily be very picky about your options. Take your time deciding the product you want to invest in and go for formulas with natural and organic ingredients, also make sure to choose the products that are chemical free.


That concludes the top 10 best compact powders in India which was ranked considering the categories on coverage, feel and finish, skin safety, value for money and user ratings. I had an enlightening experience writing this, I realized that there are so many factors that are left out without considering while deciding a perfect buy. I hope this was a good read for you and you have successfully decided which is that one skin-mate you want to invest in, that is going to keep you glowing and healthy from within, is pocket friendly as well as help elevate your confidence.


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